It was that time again, the time where you start to contemplate re-doing your website and start asking yourself questions like, “what’s my theme going to be,” “what am I trying to say,” “what work should I show” “What technology should I use.

You ask yourself so many questions until the idea seems more daunting than exciting and becomes this massive project. I always try to find the balance of where I am personally and professionally; what I want to say and the message that’s projected.
When I built my first website so many years ago, with the help of Dreamweaver, it was dark themed with a faint pinstripe background; very simple. I was going for professional and not broken.

Later, I evolved to typographically designed home pages, more content and ever changed technological frameworks and platforms. Through the years, dark palettes became lighter, gradients became flat and dropped shadows, well they became perspectively accurate.

“This time around it’s all about, how design is not just something I do, but something I live and is apart of everything I do and I love it!”

I believe everything is a design, from how street lights are timed, to the perfect cup of coffee, to the wine labels that always catch your eye in the store. The design is so exciting because it makes me ask questions like “How’d they do that,” “what made them do it that way,” “I wonder if I could do that.”

We’re only limited by our imaginations.