One of the best things about being a designer is being able to use your skillset for fantastic causes, such as helping young girls learn about technology. Black girls code had finally put a chapter in the LA area, and I couldn’t wait for the first opportunity to volunteer. Programs like this are so important for many reasons not only to inspire girls and make them aware of the infinite possibilities of being in the tech field but to show them professional females just like them who are working in this industry.

I was a Tech Assistant at the “Build a Web Page” workshop, where girls 7 to 17 learn how to code a basic web page. The age group for my classroom was aged 7 to 10. Showing the girls how to start typing a simple line of code and seeing the result on screen was the highlight for me.

You heard so many “wows” and “that’s so cool.” Watching the cogs turn in their imaginative heads as they came up with an idea after idea for building their page was awesome. It is inspiring; makes you remember that some of those little things we do every day are in fact cool.


Customer Journey

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I had the pleasure of putting on a mini workshop at the Long Beach UX meetup group after Monish, an amazing designer, teacher and all around great person, had suggested...